Persons wishing to sell in auction organized by the saleroom should present the completed sale order and submit the following documents:

  • In the case of individuals, an identification card or valid picture ID. If the lot is consigned on behalf of a third party, a written authorization accompanied by a valid ID that certifies the veracity and responsibility of the authorization.
  • In the case of a legal person, submission of the certificate of existence of the Company not over ninety days, a copy of the RUT (these applies to Colombia) and a power to act on behalf of the society.

The consigner guarantees the ownership and legal right to consign the lots free of claims and charges.
The saleroom reserves the right to accept or reject the property presented for auction or direct sale. When the property is admitted, it will be evaluated by qualified personnel.
The consignor deposits the work for sale at auction at an agreed starting price which is the minimum selling price.

LEFEBRE & MESA SUBASTAS* holds an insurance policy to cover any damage or loss of the consigned property that covers the agreed starting price minus the seller’s commission.

The saleroom offers the possibility of selling a work directly in private sale with an established price agreement.

The consignor grants LEFEBRE & MESA SUBASTAS* full right to photograph and reproduce the consigned Works.
Management fees and catalogue inclusion will be assumed by the consignor and will be established following a reference scale guided by the starting price.

Once a lot has been assigned, the saleroom will settle with the consignor after deducting a 13% fee, expenses incurred in the sale, author’s rights -if applicable- and the corresponding taxes. These expenses apply to sold lots, in no case will they apply if the lots are not sold. In this case, the lots can be offered by the saleroom in private sale for the price agreed in the consignment.

If the consignee, on his own initiative, decides to withdrawal a lot before the auction, there is a 40% fee plus tax that will be settled with the saleroom.

[The saleroom reserves the right to organize the lots, change or subdivide them under its discretion. The saleroom following the company┬┤s criteria, can organize lots in pairs or groups as well as withdraw the lots before the sale if it decides to. The auction will be organized by the saleroom and will set a date and time for the event and the participating order of the lots. Different circumstances can carry out variations following the established criteria.]

* Registered trade name LEFEBRE Y LONG S.A.S.