Should you wish to participate in the auction please submit the following identification:

  • In the case of individuals, their identity card or valid picture identification. If the bid is conducted on behalf of a third party, you must provide a written authorization accompanied by a valid ID.
  • In the case of a legal person a document providing sufficient power to act on behalf of the society.
  • Foreign bidders must provide a bank solvency certificate stating the following:
  1. The satisfactory client bank trajectory.
  2. Statement of economic capacity that shows that the bidder is able to cope with the bill payments of purchases in our sale room.

The hammer price increases a 16.67% in concept of intermediation plus tax that applies to this percentage.


If you wish to bid in the saleroom during the auction you must register for the sale, where you will be assigned a paddle to make your bids.

Both absentee bids, also called “written bids” and telephone bids may be accepted by filling the forms provided by the saleroom. In the case that several absentee bids are received for the same lot, the oldest one in date is granted priority.
Absentee bids will be defended by the saleroom to the established limit. In the event that during the auction bids are lower, the lot in question shall be awarded to the last bid in scale.
Telephone bids automatically cover the starting price.

The lots will be awarded to the highest bidder. The auctioneer will be responsible for awarding the lots. The highest bidder will be linked automatically to the payment of the lot by the amount of the placed bid plus tax, fees and accrued expenses.
In the case that an awarding lot arises problems regarding auction price or identity of the buyer, the auctioneer may decide the awarding or make the decision of auctioning it again in the same session.

The saleroom will permit collecting the lots awarded once the amounts accrued in respect have been paid fully.
The purchased lots pick up will be made in the offices of LEFEBRE & MESA SUBASTAS*. Buyers should take responsibility of transportation for the lots purchased.
The buyer should proceed to the payment and pick up of the lots within a maximum period of fifteen days. After this period, there will be storage, insurance and custody costs of COP$ 7.000 per day and lot.

The payment of the awarded lots may be made through:

  • Cash.
  • Bank transfer to the Sales Room account.
  • Check issued out to LEFEBRE Y LONG S.A.S.

[The information published in the catalogue meets the criteria of LEFEBRE & MESA SUBASTAS*, and as such, should not be taken as a fact. Buyers must form their own opinion before the auction, the lots will be shown in exhibition to the public with a minimum of seven days. LEFEBRE & MESA SUBASTAS* will not accept any responsibility of the accuracy of the cataloguing.]

* Registered trade name LEFEBRE Y LONG S.A.S.